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Softtrans has nearly 50,000 square meters warehouse area till the end of 2019,including HK warehouse, bonded warehouse, supervised warehouse, normal warehouse,BLP etc. Provides customer with the following warehouse service as below:

Product features:all kinds of storage service: HK warehouse, bonded warehouse, supervised warehouse, constant temperature warehouse, normal warehouse.

*Inventory management model: electronic tracking system, barcode scanning management, first in first out principle or customized principle.

*self-research smart system which support localization and position unfixed management, then print and send report automatically.

*Provide integrative logistic services including customs clearance,& inspection service, returned cargo, transit cargo, drayage, etc.

*Warehouse security: cement structure,24 hours security on duty, fire prevention, CCTV monitor, equipped with all kinds of safety facilities, safety guarantee of cargoes’ in&out and storage.

Product advantages:*inventory management JIT & VMI, offer one-stop services including customs clearance & inspection and distribution Services.

*Full logistic service: provides customer with warehouse logistics solution including stock management, loading and unloading, sorting, barcode dealing, cargoes processing, information management, reverse logistics, etc.
                                                               *Safety storage is ensured by the professional security devices and the closed management. Accurate & detailed analysis and node control based on different storage process, we take strict and effective measures that combined the evaluation and quality management system to ensure storage safety.

*Productivity optimization, help customer to reduce assets investment, lower the inventory and transportation loss, shorten order processing time. By all these means, we can help customer improve their productivity and competitiveness.

(Please consult cs or sales of softtrans if you want to obtain more about the function and service of bonded logistics park or special supervision under customs policy.)

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